Bid Solicitations

Belleair Uses DemandStar for Bid Solicitations

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The Town of Belleair uses DemandStar for the notification and distribution of our bid solicitation documents. We ask that all vendors register with DemandStar, so that your company is notified of our solicitations. Register your company for DemandStar here. On the registration form, enter the required information and be sure to select the Town of Belleair as your free agency registration.  

DemandStar is an independent entity and is not an agent or representative of the Town. Communications to DemandStar do not constitute communications to the Town. The Town is not responsible for errors and omissions occurring in the transmission or download of any documents from this website. Vendors who obtain solicitations from a source other than DemandStar are cautioned that the information may be incomplete. 

All solicitations shall be read in their entirety. Proposals received after the established date will not be accepted and will be returned unopened. All proposals (an original and the number of copies as stated in the solicitation) shall be submitted in a sealed envelope/package addressed to the Town of Belleair with the solicitation number and title clearly marked on the outside of the envelope/package. The envelope/package should also include the bidder/proposer’s return address. No electronic submissions will be accepted unless otherwise dictated in the solicitation package. All proposals must be received by the established date in the solicitation at the following address:

Town of Belleair
901 Ponce de Leon Boulevard
Belleair, Florida 33756

View a listing of our current bid solicitations