Planning & Zoning Board

The Planning & Zoning Board oversees the operation, effectiveness, and status of the Belleair Land Development Code, and recommends amendments to the code that are consistent with the comprehensive plan.  Additionally, this Board has been designated as the Local Planning Agency. 

The Planning and Zoning Board also acts as Belleair's Local Historic Preservation Office (LHPO) to oversee Special Certificates of Appropriateness and Historic Tax Abatements.  Preservation and restoration of the Town's historic resources are encouraged by the Board through increasing public awareness, education, and conducting surveys of historically significant structures. Structures at least 50 years old are considered to have historical value and significance.  


The Planning & Zoning Board consists of seven members with experience in the field of planning and zoning or who have a demonstrated concern for historic preservation. Whenever possible, includes at least one each with experience in the following areas: an architect or landscape architect, a neighborhood activist,a  realtor or developer, a natural or environmental scientist, an archaeologist, an historian, and a lawyer.

  • Term of office: Two years, staggered
  • Staff: Ashley Bernal, Assistant to the Town Manager


The current Planning & Zoning Board members are listed below.

  • Peter Kyres - Chair (serving since 2020)
  • Jim Millspaugh - Vice Chair (serving since 2009)
  • Robert Barris (serving since 2022)
  • Michael Hendzel (serving since 2022)
  • Patricia Irwin (serving since 2022)
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