Library Card Reimbursement Program

Pinellas County Library Cooperative Card Reimbursement

The Town of Belleair offers a simple, three-step library reimbursement program for Belleair residents. All you have to do is:

  1. Purchase a library card from the Pinellas County Library Cooperative
  2. Bring or mail a  copy of your library card receipt to Town Hall
  3. Bring or mail an Application for Refund form to Town Hall (or pick up and complete a form in-person)

Upon receiving your receipt and "Application for Refund" form, Town staff will refund $80 of the $100 back to the resident(s) via a check within 2-3 weeks.

Active or retired military personnel are eligible for 100% ($100) reimbursement off of participating library cards, provided they bring or mail a copy of military ID when applying for the reimbursement.

The Town of Belleair will only issue reimbursements for library memberships for up to one year from date of purchase. The date of purchase should be indicated on the receipt that residents submit for reimbursement. Should the library reimbursement program cease to be funded, the Town of Belleair will not issue reimbursements regardless of date of purchase.

The Closest Libraries to Belleair

While Belleair does not have its own library, the Town is closest to the following libraries:

Both of these libraries are a part of the Pinellas County Library Cooperative and are participants in the Town's reimbursement program.

Learn more about the Pinellas County Library Cooperative

Largo Public Library

Exterior of the Largo Public Library

Clearwater Public LIbrary

Exterior of the Clearwater Main Public Library
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