Teen Leadership Program

Summer 2020 is bringing NEW opportunities for teens to volunteer, build confidence, learn responsibility and develop skills to prepare them for future endeavors. The Teen Leadership Program is a volunteer opportunity for teens entering 8th-12th grade. Your commitment will include completing a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks, morning, afternoon or both, with the Belleair Parks and Recreation Summer Camp Program. Please complete the requirements below and email all parts to recdesk@townofbelleair.net.

Required Program Packet Includes:
1. Program Application
2. Activity Waiver signed by legal guardian
3. Application Essay
4. Letter of recommendation from a non-family member
5. Applicants must schedule an interview upon submission of packet  (*Applicants will be contacted to schedule and interview at a later date.)

A limited number of teens will be accepted this summer. If accepted to the program, there is a $35 Administration fee for the first three weeks. Requesting additional weeks may incur an additional fee and may not be granted. After the completion of all interviews, an e-mail will be sent to all applicants. For those accepted, it will include their assigned weeks and the mandatory training dates in May.

Program Objectives and Responsibilities: 
  • Time Management 
    - Assist counselors with transitions to and from activities and rec locations 
  • Marketing
    - Produce a short social media story reviewing a day in the life at camp 
  • Recreation Programming
    - Run 3 group games during the week, with assistance from group counselor
  • Leadership Challenges
    - Challenges promoting leadership and team building
  • Cash Handling
    - Assist with the selling and distribution of snacks/lunch
  • Public Speaking
    - Assist with group and camp announcements for the day/week
  • Camper Safety
    - Secondary check-in and roll call for their assigned group