Water Supply Updates

Exterior view of the low, oval-shaped structure that holds treated water prior to distribution.

Belleair's Water Supply - Latest Update

September 2023  

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) placed the Town of Belleair under a consent order to resolve the issue of fluctuating levels of trihalomethanes (THMs) in Belleair's water supply. THMs are a group of chemicals which are created when chlorine used for water treatment reacts with organic materials in the water. 

Belleair is in compliance with the requirements of the consent order, as the Water Department awarded a contract to Guardian Equipment to conduct a pilot test that would reduce the total level of THMs. The test was determined to be unsuccessful and has been discontinued. To effect a necessary improvement, the Commission opted to make the switch to Pinellas County's water distribution system. Town staff thoroughly researched the County's proposal and Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the purchase of potable water on the basis of a wholesale agreement with Pinellas County Utilities. When the switch to Pinellas County water is completed, we expect the DEP to lift their consent order. 

Plans are in the works on two interconnections. One will be located at South Magnolia Park, the other on Ponce de Leon Blvd near the Pinellas Trail. Design plans on the north interconnect are 100% complete. The Town of Belleair Commission held a special meeting on Thursday, August 24 to approve a contract with QRC, Inc. to begin construction, which will commence in September. Design plans are underway on the south interconnect, with construction expected to begin before the new year. 

How much do you pay for one (1) gallon of...

Regular Gas: $3.77

Milk: $3.05

Orange Juice: $6.98

Olive Oil: $17.84

Bottled Spring Water: $1.22

Town Potable Water:  Current Rate:  1/1000 of a cent / Proposed: 3/1000 of a cent

Comparison of commonly used household items in gallons