Water System Maintenance Program

About the Program 

The Town of Belleair Water Department will be conducting routine system maintenance from Sunday, September 26 through Saturday, October 16, 2021. This program is designed to optimize water quality by temporarily converting from chloramines to free chlorine disinfection. Belleair residents may experience a slight difference in the taste and/or smell of the water, a normal and expected impact of the procedure. Water will continue to be safe to drink during this time frame. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the purpose of the maintenance program? 

The purpose of the Water System Maintenance Program is to reduce the potential for bacteria such as coliform in the water delivery system. It is a completely safe practice, used by Pinellas County as well as many other water distributors throughout the country. 

Who will be affected? 

Belleair residents will be minimally impacted by this procedure, with the potential for a slight difference in taste and/or smell of the water. Any difference detected will be most noticeable towards the beginning of the program, and will fade by the end of the program. 

Can I drink the water during this maintenance program? 

Yes, the water will be safe to drink throughout the duration of the program. The water department will continually monitor the chlorine levels to ensure safe, clean drinking water for Belleair residents. 

Will the program affect dialysis patients? 

Users of kidney dialysis machines should not be impacted, but should contact their healthcare provider for more information about water testing and precautions regarding chlorine removal. 

What can I do to improve the water taste/smell? 

Should you notice a difference in the taste or smell of your water, try storing the water in an open pitcher in your refrigerator for a few hours. The chlorine will naturally dissipate from the water, and may be less noticeable. 

How often will this program be conducted? 

Belleair residents can anticipate this program occurring once per year. By completing this process annually, we can continue to ensure a high quality of water for Belleair residents.