Belleair has always been considered a “green” town; not because of its recycling efforts, but because of its dedication to public parks and “green” spaces. In the Town of Belleair, you can play a game of football, walk along a natural intercoastal bluff, or even have an adventure in a hidden jungle. You never know what you'll find when you step off the beaten path and into a park. 

Belleair's civic-minded leaders and citizens have pioneered land use as well as park and preservation planning. These individuals were responsible for laying the historic foundation for the Town's civic centers, public park spaces and recreation programming. Over time, Belleair invested in land purchases to meet its park needs, and was also fortunate to have property donated by several forward-thinking citizens, who anticipated the need for parks, open space, and community events. 

Constantly Improving the Quality of Life

It has long been the vision of the Town of Belleair to offer services which improve the quality-of-life for residents and leave a mark on all visitors. Now, we embark on a new vision to make our parks even better! With fresh ideas and new initiatives, the coming years will see a park system that rivals any other. The Town of Belleair invites you to visit our parks. Get out to explore nature and see what adventures await!

Project Updates

Wildwood Park  

Staff held a resident input session on May 24th to discuss and learn about resident feedback and planning designs. Staff presented various planning ideas which aligned with survey results. Plans include the addition of curbs and sidewalks which will be contracted and out to bid soon. Once the concrete work is completed, staff will fill in to level the park. The project will extend through the end of 2023.

South Magnolia Park

This green space is a small triangular park located between Indian Rocks Rd. and Magnolia Rd. Once Phase 1 of the Indian Rocks Road project is complete, Town Parks department will be renovating it to add Town charm and complete the area. One of two new water interconnects will be located at this location with surrounding landscape to complement an entrance point to the Town. 

Hunter Memorial Park's fountain at sunset with fountain lights shining up on it
A view of Doyle Park that focuses on an oak tree with grassy spaces in the background
A black bench in Fountain Square Park with the rest of the park in the background
A sunset view from the northern tip of Hallett Park overlooking the Clearwater Harbor
A winding path through Nature Park that has a concrete bench along the path part-way through
Oak tree in a circle of red mulch in Winston Park