Trash & Recycling Collection Schedule

APRIL 3, 2020 ALERTRecycling in Belleair Suspended Until Further Notice Due to External Issue

The Town of Belleair partners with the City of Clearwater and utilizes Clearwater’s recycling processing center for the disposal of recyclable materials. The City of Clearwater’s recycling processing center recently experienced a failure in the tipping floor. This failure has exposed rebar in the floor, which has created a condition that could cause damage to machinery and is unsafe for Clearwater city staff.

As a result, Belleair’s Solid Waste Department will be suspending recycling collection until repairs can be completed. We apologize for any inconvenience but must act in the best interests of the safety of our and Clearwater’s solid waste staff. Trash collection will continue on its normal schedule.

Feel free to contact the John J. Osborne Public Works Building at (727) 588-3795 with any questions.

Regular Trash & Recycling Collection Schedule

The following map shows the garbage and trash pickup and recycling schedules for properties within the Town of Belleair. 

Properties lying east of Indian Rocks Road and/or North of Bayview Drive will have their garbage and trash picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays, and their recycling on Thursdays. 

Properties lying west of Indian Rocks Road and south of Bayview Drive will have their garbage and trash picked up on Mondays and Thursdays, and their recycling on Thursdays. 

Please view the 2020 Solid Waste Holiday Pickup Schedule for a listing of alternate trash and recycling pickup days prior to, or following, nationally-observed holidays.

A map of Belleair that uses two colors to show the two different pickup schedules for trash in town.