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Stormwater Fee
Stormwater FAQ:

What is the stormwater fee?

The town commission accepted the addition of a monthly Stormwater Utility Fee to all properties within the town. This fee will help to ensure that the town's stormwater is managed in a more effective manner by reducing the amount of pollution, flooding, and erosion within the town.

What will the Stormwater fee be used for?

All revenue obtained from the stormwater utility fee will be put towards improving roads, drainage pipes, or any other stormwater management devices within the town that are in need of improvement. This fee is imperative to the repair and replacement of our road and drainage systems.

What is impervious surface?

Impervious surface is any surface, such as concrete or brick, that prevents water from absorbing naturally into the earth.

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is water that originates from rainfall or other forms of precipitation that does not percolate into the ground or evaporate naturally due to it being blocked by impervious surfaces.

Why does it matter?

High levels of impervious surface disrupt the natural flow of stormwater. When blocked, stormwater often travels across  impervious surfaces, spreading pollutants and toxins throughout the town. By implementing a Stormwater Utility Fee, the Town will be able to install more efficient management devices to deal with stormwater overflow.

How is the stormwater fee determined?

The stormwater fee will be included on your water/wastewater/sanitation utility bill, and will be directly based on the amount of impervious surface that your property contains. Fees will be calculated by multiplying the Stormwater Fee of $11.92 by the number of ERU's assigned to each property. For more information on impervious surface see 'What are ERU's and how are they calculated?' below.

What are ERU's (Equivalent Residential Units) are how are they calculated?

  The ERU number is calculated by taking the statistical average of impervious surface area of single-family residential units in the Town. One ERU is equal to 5459 square feet of Impervious Area. In order to determine how many ERU's are assigned to a property, that properties Impervious Area (In sq. ft.) is divided by 5459, and rounded to the next highest whole number.

For more information please see Ordinance No. 478 regarding the Stormwater fee.

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