What and how can I recycle?

The Town of Belleair proudly partners with the City of Clearwater for weekly curbside recycling on Thursdays. Our recycling system is commonly referred to as “single-stream” since all recyclables can be placed in a single container.

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1. How can I pay my utility bill and what are the rates?
2. Where do I report a missed recycling and/or refuse pickup?
3. How do I dispose of junk, old appliances, or scrap metal?
4. I’m unable to take my cart to the curb, what should I do?
5. Where should I place my recycling and refuse container?
6. What time should my recycling container be placed by the curb?
7. Where can I safely dispose of household hazardous waste such as batteries and paint?
8. What should I do with used syringes?
9. Where can I find regular and holiday trash pickup schedules?
10. What bins should I use?
11. What and how can I recycle?