BELLEAIR Planning and Zoning BOARD

TO: Bonnie-Sue Brandvik, Chairman
Gloria Burton, Vice Chairman
Al Acken
Rogers Haydon
Jim Millspaugh
Peter Marich
Randy Ware
Kevin Piccarreto, Acting Commission Advisor
Micah Maxwell, Town Manager
David Ottinger, Town Attorney

There will be a meeting of the Belleair Planning and Zoning
Board meeting on MONDAY, October 6, 2014 at 5:30 p.m

Please plan to attend.  In the event you are unable to attend this meeting, please notify the Town Clerk's office at 588-3769 Ext. 214 or 312.

Your attendance is very important!

The following agenda items are provided for your consideration:

** To be distributed.
* Previously distributed.

Copy to: Micah Maxwell, Town Manager
Donna Carlen, Town Clerk
JP Murphy, Assistant Town Manager