Bluff Erosion Restoration

In July 2022, the Mayor signed a cooperative funding agreement with Southwest Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) to conduct a feasibility study that will investigate the potential erosion of the Bluff shoreline along Bayview Drive. Erosion is generally caused by wave activity and groundwater discharge. The study is meant to assist in determining options to address these issues and maximize natural system restoration opportunities as well as water quality. Town staff are maintaining weekly discussions with SFWMD to ensure the project remains on track. A bid has been awarded for the Bluff study and the firm continues to meet on a regular basis. Staff also entered an agreement with a Master Arborist to take a detailed inventory of trees along the Bluff.

On May 10th the Town met with SFWMD to discuss and establish the scope of work and the notice to proceed was issued on May 22nd. Field data collection will begin in July. This environmental and geotechnical investigation includes an examination of existing site conditions, historical use, geographical surveys, tidal, wind and wave data, submerged utility records, and water quality records from intracoastal waterway records. The installation of three groundwater wells will determine where the water table is. The wells are expected to be installed in December 2023. For questions or inquiries regarding the Bluffs project, contact Ashley Bernal, Assistant to the Town Manager, at