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Solid Waste Improvements

The Town of Belleair is making significant improvements to our Solid Waste collections. This initiative included a collaboration with Waste Pro, who is newly contracted with the Town to collect recycled materials. Solid Waste is also receiving upgrades including the adoption of a new Automated Side Loader (ASL) which offers many benefits. 

The ASL utilizes a hydraulic arm to lift solid waste carts and can pick up 900-1000 homes in one trip saving time and wear on staff. While the ASL helps to protect our staff, it certainly does not replace them! Our Solid Waste Team will continue to provide high quality services and friendly faces!

Graphic of Waste Pro and Town of Belleair partnership began June 8, 2023

The Solid Waste department partnered with the City of Largo in March of 2023 to introduce and train our crew on the ASL. This collaboration allowed staff to see the new process and learn safe procedures. Our own ASL was recently delivered and staff are perfecting their pick-up skills. New carts were delivered to Solid Waste early on June 7th and Town staff from all departments worked together to assemble and deliver the carts to each resident.

The new Solid Waste carts have been assembled and delivered to all residents! These tan carts are used with the Automated Side Loader and began use on July 17th.

The old carts are meant to be repurposed and used for yard waste. Staff have hand delivered informational packets including an informational flier, quick guide for service, reference magnet and yard waste sticker. Once the new tan carts are in use on July 17th, the yard waste sticker should be placed on the old cart and used for yard waste. If residents do not want to keep their old cart, they may contact to coordinate disposal or leave at the curb on collection day, clearly marked "PLEASE DISCARD".

For special circumstances, residents may request a smaller, 64-gallon solid waste cart. Please contact and include reasoning for the request.

Question & Answer

Recycling Questions:

  • When does the new provider begin collecting my recycling?
    • June 8th, Waste Pro, the new provider, began weekly recycling collection service to the Town of Belleair. The City of Clearwater is no longer collecting recycling for Town residents.
  • Will I be receiving a new recycling cart/bin with the new collection service? 
    • No, residents will retain their current recycling carts. New bins will be distributed only for solid waste (trash) use in late June to be used with a new Automated Side Loader. Residents will start to use the new solid waste carts in July
  • Will the frequency of my recycling change?
    • No. Waste Pro will continue to collect your recycling weekly on Thursday.
  • Will my service day for recycling change?
    • No. Waste Pro will continue to service residential and multi-family customers on Thursdays.
  • My recycling has not been picked up today. The truck normally comes by at ___ time and it still has not shown up.
    • Your recycling will be collected today however, the time of day, the service occurs with a new provider may vary. While the service day remains Thursdays, the collection routing can change from the previous service provider to Waste Pro causing the time of service to change. 
    • Please note that carts must be on the curb by 7:00am on the day of collection.
  • I have extra recyclables, where can I take them?
    • Residents can bring overflow recycling to the 8-yard dumpster marked 'Waste Pro' located at the Town's Public Works building (1075 Ponce de Leon Boulevard Belleair, FL). Please note that the Town is not a designated recycling drop off through the County. 

 Solid Waste Questions:

  • Why are residents receiving new solid waste carts?
    • New 96-gallon solid waste carts are essential for the use of our new automated side loader. When placed out for pickup, carts should be at the edge of the curb/driveway, facing the street. They should be kept 3-4 feet away from other objects. Carts are marked with reminders on the lid. 
  •  When we start using the new solid waste carts, what do we do with the old ones?
    • The old solid waste carts should be used for yard waste. Stickers labeled 'Yard Waste' will be included in the detailed information packets and should be placed on the repurposed yard waste bins. 
  •  Can I get more than one solid waste cart? 
    • Yes, residents will have the opportunity to lease additional carts. Stay tuned for more information on this matter.