Water Supply Updates

Exterior view of the low, oval-shaped structure that holds treated water prior to distribution.

Belleair's Water Supply - Latest Update

September 2022

The Town of Belleair Water Department will be conducting routine system maintenance from Sunday, September 25 to Tuesday, October 11. This program is designed to optimize water quality by temporarily converting from chloramines to free chlorine disinfection. Belleair residents may experience a slight difference in the taste and/or smell of the water, a normal and expected impact of the procedure. Water will continue to be safe to drink during this time frame. For more detailed information about this scheduled maintenance program, please visit the link below: 

View information about Belleair's upcoming Water System Maintenance Program

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection placed the Town of Belleair under a consent order to resolve the issue of fluctuating levels of trihalomethanes (THMs) in Belleair's water supply. THMs are a group of chemicals which are created when chlorine used for water treatment reacts with organic materials in the water. The DEP placed this consent order to ensure that the town is taking the necessary steps to remove these contaminants. 

The consent order has required Belleair to hire an engineer and develop an action plan to resolve the issue. Belleair is in compliance with the requirements of the consent order, as the Water Department is working with an engineer to find a solution that will bring THM levels down. David Brown, the Water Department Director, is applying for a permit to complete a 90-day pilot test for a treatment that will remove the organics which react with chlorine to create THMs. The Water Department is actively working to collect all required data to get the pilot test application completed and approved. If the pilot test is successful, the treatment will be used to permanently keep THM levels down, while Town staff explores options for a long-term fix.

One option for a long-term fix is for Belleair to make the switch to Pinellas County's water distribution system. The Town of Belleair has signed a letter of intent with the county to share information and begin negotiations. Town staff is meeting with Pinellas County biweekly to ensure this process continues to move forward. Currently, the goal is to come to a decision point with the county by December 2022, at the earliest. 

Making the switch to Pinellas County's water supply is just one of several options for a long-term fix. Commission has directed Town staff to negotiate with Pinellas County. In the meantime, the Water Department is working diligently to bring THM levels down.