Ahlf Properties on Baybrook

November 5, 2019 Update

The Town of Belleair is not currently accepting offers for the properties owned by Mr. Bob Ahlf, but will be setting up a system to do so in the near future.

A date at which offers will be accepted is not yet available. A listing agent is also not yet appointed, but once one is, contact information will be provided for that entity here.

Once the town is ready to accept offers, any and all offers will be considered during a predetermined 60-day window. All offers will remain confidential to Town of Belleair employees and elected officials, and we strongly encourage any individuals making offers to follow suit.

The parcels in-question (listed below) can be viewed on the Pinellas County Property Appraiser's Office website and searched for by address.

  • 2 Baybrook Place
  • 7 Baybrook Place