Strategic Planning

Creating Belleair's First Strategic Plan

Beginning in the fall of 2018, the residents, elected officials, and staff of Belleair came together to produce our town’s first strategic plan alongside the Town's consultant, the Florida Institute of Government. Over the course of two years, detailed feedback was gathered from personal interviews, a resident survey, two community forums, an employee survey, an employee focus group, and two leadership forums to create the final plan. This data was then compiled to determine goals, objectives, and actions items that will move Belleair into the future.

It took the whole community to assemble this plan, and we, the Commission of the Town of Belleair, can not thank you all enough for the time, dedication, and passion you have shown to our local government throughout the process.

A group of residents discuss their thoughts on Hallett Park at a strategic planning meeting
Residents listen to a presentation from Belleair's Town Manager at Community Forum 2
Residents review handouts provided at Community Forum 1

The Results

After all of this hard work, we are ready to hit the ground running with a plan that reflects our community’s needs, wishes, and goals. This plan will help us make better, more informed decisions based on data and achievable goals, and will set us on a path to achieve a future that we have envisioned together.

The Six Themes

The final strategic plan identifies six themes of focus, which are broken out below. Within each of these themes are several corresponding goals, objectives, and action items.

Communication is Theme A of the strategic plan
Leadership and Management is Theme D for the strategic plan
Community Character is Theme B of the strategic plan
Partnering and Intergovernmental Collaboration is Theme E of the strategic plan
Infrastructure is Theme C for the strategic plan
Town Services is Theme F of the strategic plan

The Five Top Objectives

In addition to the six themes and various goals, objectives, and action items, the community and Commission identified five objectives as the most important areas of focus for Belleair's future. These objectives are identified in no particular order.

Seek long-term solutions for Belleair's water supply
Provide proactive policing
Improve pavement quality
Preserve and protect Belleair's natural bluff
Focus on financial strength and responsibility

The Complete Plan

The final strategic plan is linked below in a 51-page document. This document includes an executive summary of the plan, describes the process through which the plan was completed, and includes all goals, objectives, and action items at the end.

Download the Town of Belleair's Strategic Plan Opens in new window

More Information

If you would like to learn more about Belleair's strategic plan, or view background documents and data reports, please contact Belleair's Town Clerk, Christine Nicole, at (727) 588-3769 x 312 or send her an email at