Penny for Pinellas

On Tuesday, November 7 (from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm), Town Hall will be open for voting, with Penny for Pinellas's renewal as the only item on the ballot. Penny for Pinellas has been in effect since the 1990s and is a one percent sales tax that benefits local infrastructure. One third of Penny for Pinellas funding is generated from tourism, and fees are not collected for Penny for grocery or medical purchases. To learn more about Penny for Pinellas at the county level, click here.

How has Penny Impacted Belleair Directly?

Penny for Pinellas funds (in-part) almost all of Belleair's capital projects; take a look at the map below to see a few specific projects sponsored by Penny over the last several years. To see future projects in Belleair that will be funded by Penny for Pinellas if it passes, visit

Penny for Pinellas Stencil Project

Have you spotted our "Penny stencils" around Belleair lately? These temporary chalk stencils have been placed to show our residents where Penny has impacted their own community. See the images below and look for them next time you're out and about!

CDKB IRR 2PFP Stencil Close UpPenny Can
Penny Projects 2011-2017