Code Enforcement

Summary of Codes

The following is a brief summary of the sections of the Town Code of Ordinances (TCO) and the Land Development Code (LDC), which generate most of the questions to  the Town of Belleair staff and police department. The following are just a few of the codes that are of interest to many residents. Access to a complete copy of all Town of Belleair codes may be viewed under Code of Ordinances.

Frequently-Referenced Codes

A few of Belleair's most frequently-referenced ordinance sections are summarized below.

  • Section 66-207: Construction, Additions, and Alterations: New Construction, additions, alterations, and repairs require building permits. Contact the Belleair Building Department prior to the commencement of construction to get specific requirements for your project.
  • Section 26-70: Dismantled or Inoperative Machinery and Vehicles: Residents are not to keep or store any dismantled, partially dismantled, inoperative, or discarded machinery, vehicles, boats, scrap, or junk within a residential section for a period in excess of 48 hours. 
  • Section 10-37: Dogs on Leashes: Dogs are required to wear collars with identification. If they are allowed on public property, they must be secured on a leash not exceeding 6 feet and held by the owner. If your dog deposits excrement on public or private property, you are required to clean it up immediately.
  • Section 74-287: Fences: A permit must be obtained for the construction, repair, or replacement of any fence or fence wall. All fences shall comply with the Standard Building Code. Fence walls may be constructed of concrete, concrete block, stone, brick, or any suitable masonry materials.
  • Division 2: Handbills and Newspapers: No person shall throw, deposit, or distribute any handbill or newspaper not subscribed to upon any private premise. Residents who do not wish to receive unsubscribed newspapers may so advise the Town Manager in writing. A list of residents making such requests will be given to local newspaper distribution offices.
  • Section 74-485: Hours of Work: Hours of work are from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. No noisy work is permitted on Sunday. This section applies to all work that is hired out.
  • Section 26-143: Maintenance of Lawn and Property: Owners are required to keep their property free of weeds, overgrowth, vegetation, debris, and other materials that would constitute a hazard to health, safety, or proper fire control. (TCO 26-143)
  • Section 74-484: Noise: No person shall operate or cause to be operated any source of sound in such a manner as to create a sound level which exceeds the limits set forth.
  • Section 58-59: Parking of Unauthorized Vehicles / Parking on Grass: Residents are not to park or store any commercial or recreational vehicle which exceeds the limits set forth in the Code. The parking of motor vehicles and motorcycles shall be prohibited on residential lawns or on grass.
  • Section 74-572: Permitted Temporary Signs: A temporary sign may be a ground sign or building sign. It may not be an electrical sign. Within 48 hours after the culmination of the event (sale, election, close of business, special event, etc.) to which the sign pertains, the owner or resident thereof shall remove all posted signs. A parcel may display signage of 6 square feet per residence, with no one sign exceeding 5 square feet. No sign including its supports shall exceed 4 feet in height. No temporary sign shall be erected on any property without the authorization of the owner or resident thereof. Temporary off-premises signs for the purpose of providing direction or advertising a sales event are prohibited. Signs and support structures are to be posted not less than 10 feet from the edge of a roadway and shall not be posted on a public right-of-way or easement. (TCO -74-572)
  • Section 74-34: Special Events: The Town Commission must issue a Special Relief Permit before any large-scale event in town via an application submitted to the Belleair Police Department.
  • Section 46-9: Trash Collection: Trash and recycling bins may only be placed at the curb for pickup after 7:00 pm the night before scheduled pickup, and the empty cans must be removed from the curb no later than 7:00 pm the day of pickup.
  • Section 46-10: Trash Container Storage: All trash containers must be stored out of view from the roadway.
  • Section 74-381: Tree Removal: The removal of trees in Belleair may be subject to a Tree Removal Permit - for permitting information, contact the Belleair Building Department.
  • Section 26-143: Trimming Trees and Shrubbery: Trees and shrubbery must be trimmed in such a manner they do not obstruct the vision of drivers approaching an intersection.
  • Section 46-64: Removal of Yard Recyclables: Any individual or company doing work on residential property that produces yard recyclables and receives a fee or money for such work, including but not limited to tree surgeons, nurseries, lawn care services, and landscaping contractors, must remove the yard recyclables from the property at their own expense.
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