How to Check for a Leak

Your Water Meter

You can read your water meter to:

  •  Confirm the reading on your bill
  •  Monitor your water use
  •  Perform a simple check for water leaks

Locating Your Meter

The water meter on your property is usually located in a plastic meter box near the street.

Breakdown of the Water Meter

Most of the Town of Belleair meters look like the one pictured below.

A water meter typical of one found in Belleair with a white face and a red needle.

Most Belleair meters have two components:

Dial:  The dial will move only when water passes through the meter. Accuracy of the meter declines as the meter ages and its mechanical parts begin to wear allowing water to pass through it without being counted.

Odometer:  The odometer records total water use in a similar way as the odometer in your car records miles driven. The meter reads left to right. The odometer does not move if water is not moving through it. We only read the numbers at the thousandth digit and up. We do not read any digits on the black background since we bill only in the thousands.

Checking for a Leak

1. Turn off the water in the house

To check for a leak, first make sure no one is using water at the property. Next, go to the meter and look at the dial. 

2. Check if the dial is moving

No, the dial is not moving: There is no water usage being registered at that time
Yes, the dial is moving: Movement is indication that there may be a leak somewhere

3. Determine if the leak is within your home or outside

First, turn off the house valve (usually located against the house in a straight line from the meter)  

  • If the dial stops moving, this indicates the leak is within the house
  • If the dial continues to move, there is a leak in your outside plumbing
  • Please note that if you have an irrigation line, this will not indicate that there is not a leak in the irrigation system after the timer

If you are unsure or unable to do these procedures, please contact the Water Department for assistance.

  1. Water Department

    Physical Address
    107 Belleair Avenue
    Belleair, FL 33756

    Office Hours of Operation

    Monday - Friday

    7:00 am - 3:30 pm