Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow Prevention Program

Water distribution systems are designed to deliver water from the distribution pipeline to the consumer. However, in certain cases, water may try to flow in the opposite direction, which is known as backflow. This is an unacceptable condition which can result in stagnant or chemically- processed water drawn from a home or business’ water supply back into the water main and delivered to a different user.

In order to avoid backflow, a Backflow Prevention Device is required for ALL homes, businesses or new construction additions that have fire-sprinkler systems, an alternate water source, and/or access to reclaimed water. A Backflow Prevention Device may also be required for a pool/spa, or for an irrigation system that sits on a slope. Backflow prevention devices are required by law in required locations and must be installed in accordance with plumbing or building codes.

A backflow prevention assembly is a mechanical device attached to the drinking water meter to prevent any potentially contaminated water from entering the main water line.

The Town has approved a charge for the testing and maintenance of backflow prevention assemblies. Backflow prevention assemblies are required by the Florida Administrative Code and by local ordinance (62.219,62.221-.229). These devices are required to protect the public health and safety of the drinking water supply. Testing is important because, like all mechanical devices with moving parts, they are subject to failure.Testing, combined with any needed repair, helps to ensure that the assemblies meet the minimum requirements.

The water department is required to install backflow prevention assemblies on properties that have reclaimed water availability, alternate water sources such as shallow wells, commercial properties, some properties with large pipes and/or pools. Backflow prevention assemblies are also installed on firelines at designated properties.

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