Stormwater Management

Belleair’s Public Works Department oversees the management of the Town’s stormwater via a variety of measures. The department has also installed baffle boxes throughout town in order to optimize water quality and prevent solids and floatable objects from entering the coastal waterways.

Below are links explaining several topics on stormwater management.

Stormwater Management Resources

A few county, state, and federal resources on stormwater management are linked below.

Illicit Discharge

Illicit discharge in Belleair is restricted by Section 62-304 of the Code of Ordinances and includes the following:

  • Pouring motor oil, paints, chemicals, or cleaning fluids down storm drains or gutters
  • Putting grass clippings in a storm drain, swale, or canal
  • Letting chlorinated pool water run into a gutter, storm drain, or canal 
  • Letting anything other than rainwater go into a storm drain

Pool Drainage

Improper pool drainage is forbidden by Belleair’s Code of Ordinances and harmful to the environment.

Learn about pool drainage requirements in Belleair here

Reporting Illicit Discharge

If you witness illicit discharging, please contact the Public Works Department during business hours at (727) 588-3795 or the Belleair Police Department’s non-emergency dispatch line 24/7: (727) 588-3500.

Ways To Save Our Water

Since we live and work in an environmentally sensitive area, it’s important to be aware of how to reduce stormwater pollution. Here are a few ways to protect the water where you swim and fish.

Make changes in your yard. Plant a yard that includes low maintenance plants that adapt to Florida’s climate. These plants will require less water, fertilizer, and pesticides and therefore can reduce harmful runoff. Be sure to plant ground covers to prevent soil erosion.

Use a commercial car wash or wash your car over a grassy area to prevent detergents from running into the street where they can get into our sensitive water system.

Prevent pollution from getting into the water. Keep litter, leaves, and pet wastes out of street gutters and storm drains.

Properly dispose of hazardous materials, recycle used motor oil, or take paints, antifreeze, and other toxic products to a household chemical collection center such as Pinellas County’s HEC3 Swap Shop. Contact the shop at (727) 464-7500 or visit the HEC3 Swap Shop Website. 

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