Rosery Road Project

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Beginning December 16th, 2016, Ponce de Leon Blvd at Rosery Road will be closed until Monday December 19th, 2016.

Monthly Update

December 14 - All of the under drain and other underground storm piping has been installed for this project. New curbing continues to be installed along both sides of Rosery Road. Sidewalk is also being replaced on an as needed basis within the project limits. Road base grading and compacting is currently in process. Street light conduit and wiring is being installed at this time as well. Street light poles are scheduled to be reinstalled after the first of the new year. Finish grading of disturbed areas is currently underway. Repairs to existing irrigation systems will be happening during this restoration period with sod placement to follow afterwards.

November 29 - The under drain instillation is still in process along the north side of Rosery Road. Construction crews continue to pour new curb on both sides of Rosery Road. The last remaining bit of old roadbase will be removed by the end of November. The first lift of asphalt has been installed on Evonaire Circle, Peaceful Avenue, and Rosery Road (from Harborside Drive East to Rosary Lane.) Those areas that have the first lift of asphalt installed will start to see grading and restoration efforts take place. Irrigation repairs and installation will take place soon after in these same locations.

November 15 - Storm pipe installation has been completed. The under drain is continuing to be installed along the north side of Rosery Road. The contractor is also continuing to remove and reinstall road base. Finally, compaction and finish grading is being done on Rosery Road (from East Evonaire to the west), Evonaire Circle, and Peaceful Ave. The first lift of asphalt is scheduled to be installed on those same areas, November 21-23, weather permitting. Please continue to watch for daily lane shifts as the paving process happens.

October 21 - Storm pipe installation continues on Rosery Road. Pipe and inlets are currently installed up to and thru Laurie Lane. New road base has been installed on Rosery Road from Harborside Drive east to East Evonaire Circle. In addition, new curbing has been installed on both sides of Peaceful Avenue. The contractor is now currently in the process of installing new curb on Rosery Road. Work will continue to progress from west to east, so please continue to watch for daily changes in detour routes. The contractor's staff will be more than happy to help direct you through the work zone.

September 22 - Storm pipe has been installed along Rosery Road up to East Evonaire including Peaceful Avenue and West Evonaire. Crews are currently installing the storm pipes and structures at the intersection of Rosery Road and East Evonaire. All of the potable water main connections have been connected. Construction of the new roadway is currently in progress. The existing roadbase on Peaceful Avenue has been removed and replaced with new crushed concentrate material. The contractor has now moved to the west end of Rosery Road and started the process of removing the old roadbase. Weather permitting, new curb is anticipated to be installed on Rosery Road from Harborside to Peaceful Avenue. Roadwork will continue to progress from West to East, so please be sure to watch for daily changes in detour routes. The contractor's staff will be happy to direct you through the work site.

August 22 - Installation of the new storm system continues. The new system will be connected from the seawall up to West Evonaire Circle this week. Work continues on installing storm structures on Rosery Road, Peaceful Avenue, and Evonaire Circle. The contractor has also started to install the under drain around Evonaire Circle. All of the Duke Energy relocates have been completed on Rosery Road. The new potable water main has been cleared for use and the contractor is now starting to connect the house services line to the water main. Some of the meter locations are being relocated so they are out of the way of the roadway work.

July 18 - Installation of the new storm water collection system continues on the north side of Rosery Road. Storm Pipe has been installed from Peaceful Avenue to West Evonaire Circle. Installation of storm pipe on West Evonaire Circle is now starting. Duke Energy will be on site this week to relocate their utilities at the west end of Rosery Road to accommodate for the rest of the storm system installation. Once done, the contractor will be connecting all of the new storm pipe that has been installed so far. Testing of the potable water man is still ongoing.

July - Installation of the new storm water collection system continues on the north side of Rosery Road. Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) has been installed from Eagles Nest Dr eastward to the west side of Peaceful Ave. The baffle box filtration system has also been installed. Preliminary pressure testing and flushing of the new potable water main is currently being done before the water main and service lines can be connected.

June - Portions of the new storm water collection system have been installed on Peaceful Avenue and on the west end of Rosery Road. This includes the replacement of the storm pipe that runs through the seawall. The majority of new water main has been installed on Rosery Road, Peaceful Avenue, and Evonaire Circle. Once all of the service lines are connected, the new lines can be flushed and testing can begin. The new mains are anticipated to be put into service July 2016. All roadway work will begin once the subsurface work has been completed.

May - All of the storm pipe and structures have been delivered. Installation is anticipated to begin with Peaceful Avenue on May 23, 2016. Water mains have been installed on the Southside of Rosery Road and Peaceful Avenue. Installation of a new water main is currently in progress on Evonaire Circle. Once all water mains are installed, service line connections will be added on and tested. All street lights on Rosery Road have been removed to make way for the water main and storm pipe installation. Please check back next month for more updates.

March - Community Meeting on March 31, 2016 at 5:30 pm at Town Hall. Listen to audio from the meeting here.

Project Elements

  • Installation of baffle box for water quality treatment.
  • The existing storm collection system will be removed and a new collection system installed.
  • Installation of an underdrain.
  • Water Main
    • New water mains and service connections will be installed and the old system removed. Residents should not notice any interruption in current service except for a brief transition switch over.
    • New fire hydrants will be installed.
  • Street Lighting
    • Existing street lights will be removed during construction and then reinstalled. New electrical conduit and wiring will then be installed.
    • New street lights will be installed on Peaceful Ave and Evonaire Circle.

Roadway reconstruction

  • Existing curbs, asphalt, road base and road subbase will be removed and all new materials will be installed to rebuild the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the trees in the project area going to be removed?

Yes, any trees located in the area between the sidewalk and back of curb will be removed. There are currently no replacement plans.

What Should I Do if My Irrigation System is Damaged From the Project?

Please report any damage to your irrigation system as soon as possible to either the contractor or the construction project supervisor. If you have an irrigation system between the sidewalk and curb, please contact the construction project supervisor so the system can be noted before construction begins.

Are the sidewalks going to be replaced?

Sidewalks will be replaced on an as needed basis during the project. Any current sidewalk that is damaged will be repaired or replaced.

Will my driveway apron be replaced?

Driveway aprons will be as in kind replacements. If you have plans to add, remove, or relocate your current driveway, please obtain a permit from the building department and coordinate plans with the construction project supervisor. Every effort will be made to accommodate each request within reason.

What are the colored flags in the ground for?

The colored flags in the project area represent various utility locates. By law, the contractor must do utility locates every thirty days during the project. Please do not remove these flags from your lawn or any other areas within the project.


This project will start April 2016 with anticipated completion in early 2017.

Contact Information

Town of Belleair Staff

Construction Project Supervisor: Keith Bodeker (727) 408-4860

Solid Waste Supervisor: Wilfred Holmes (727) 588-3769 ext. 406

Contractor: Gibbs and Register

Project Superintendent: Brian Lippold (941) 539-2219

Sr, Project Manager: Ketan Patel (407) 947-7449

Engineer: Deuel and Associates