Hunter Memorial Park

Hunter Memorial Park officially opened on November 9, 2014 in honor of our nation’s veterans. The project began in July of 2014, and its completion was realized through the tremendous efforts of Town employees, organizations, and residents alike. Along with re-designed landscaping, parking, seating, and amenities, the park features a large, memorial fountain that includes military flags and personalized plaques dedicated to veterans.

The conversion of Hunter Memorial Park transformed a forgotten green space into a Town centerpiece and cornerstone for the future of Belleair parks.

A bronze entrance sign to Hunter Memorial Park that includes the Belleair Community Foundation logoHunter Memorial Park’s fountain at sunset with fountain lights shining up on itThe back of a black bench and trash can in Hunter Memorial Park with views of its open green space
A black bench and trash can in Hunter Memorial Park that sit along a sidewalk pathA view from the back of the fountain in Hunter Memorial Park during daytimeA flag for the United States Navy flies a half staff next to two benches in Hunter Memorial Park

Hunter Memorial Park Flyover Video Complication

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Bike racks
Dog pots
Green space
Parking spaces
U.S. armed services veterans memorial fountain

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