State, Federal & Local Resources

Pinellas County Resources

Pinellas County provides many resources for Belleair residents.

State of Florida Resources

The State of Florida also provides several resources for Belleair residents.

  • State of Florida: Provides information on the state's services and programs and acts as a portal to counties and other local governments throughout the state
  • Belleair's Florida Elected Officials: A listing of elected officials serving at the State level
  • Florida Statutes: The laws of the State of Florida
  • Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles: Drivers license information - Schedule an online appointment; get an ID card, information on CDLs
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement: Florida Department of Law Enforcement - Information on sex offenders and sexual predators, missing children, wanted/missing persons
  • Florida Department of Corrections: Florida Department of Corrections - Use this database to find information on current prisoners, inmate release, fugitives and more
  • Florida Department of Education: Florida Department of Education - You'll find the information arranged by student, parents and educators. A nice feature is the shortcut buttons - use the site index button, which is an alphabetical listing. You'll find sample FCAT test material, scores, information on ACT, SAT, college-level academic skills test, teaching certification, school districts and more
  • Florida Department of State: Florida Department of State - This site serves to enhance Florida's communities by preserving and promoting Florida's rich historical and cultural heritage. Nice features include: kids page, corporations online, Florida history and facts, starting a business and many more
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection: The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the lead agency for environmental management and stewardship
  • Southwest Florida Water Management District: The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) manages the water resources for west-central Florida as directed by state law
  • Florida Senior Care Resources: Many aging adults and their families are unaware of the different care options and programs available to them. One that is growing in popularity with families is assisted living, which is designed to maximize independence and quality of life. This free resource provides comprehensive information on topics like financial support and assisted living options that are available.